04 February 2023
Soon! PRO Account for Doctors and Clinics
We have something new to announce! A new service for MedElement platform, a professional account for doctors and clinics, is almost ready to launch
09 January 2023
MedElement Platform. Indicators for 2022
A brief overview of the Platform operation results and indicators over the past 2022. Getting to work in the new year, based on the results of the previous one
04 January 2023
Advertising for pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical equipment and medical devices
MedElement Platform offers various advertising options for promoting goods, services, events in the area of medicine and health: banner advertising, posting articles
04 January 2023
New offer for private practice: work in HIS + engaging with patients
Running your own private practice? Our new offer is designed specifically for you! The Private Medical Practice package allows specialists not only to work in HIS, but attract new patients as well
27 October 2022
"MedElement" platform. Indicators for the 3rd quarter of 2022
We have prepared a brief overview of the platform's results and indicators for the 3rd quarter of challenging 2022
17 May 2022
Packaged offer for implementing MIS in a clinic. Favorable terms!
The best offer for clinics when purchasing MIS! Use MIS MedElement integrated package of services at favorable prices. System is suitable both for small clinics, dentistries and big medical organizations with in-patient facilities
17 April 2022
MIS as a gift! When connecting to online-appointment in the Service for healthcare provider search within "MedElement" system.
Free work space in MIS "MedElement" when the clinic is connected to an online appointment option
06 April 2022
"MedElement". First quarter results 2022
Numbers and results of the platform "MedElement" for the first quarter of the year. The audience of our services have increased for 70% towards last year which is approximately 10 million unique visitors
13 December 2021
Comments and likes in MedElement. More opportunities to exchange opinions
In the next update of MedElement we have added the elements of interactivity to the information services of the platform. Registered users now have the opportunity to comment and mark their favorite materials (mark with likes)
30 November 2021
The MedElement platform is now available in 4 languages
The MedElement platform continues to develop! We have updated the interface of the Main Page and information sections. Now information about the project, news and materials are available in Russian, English, Kazakh and Uzbek
29 November 2021
A New Year special offer! A 50% discount on MIS MedElement
The best time to implement the MIS in the clinic! A 50% discount on the rental of MedElement cloud medical information system/ Only until December 31, 2021
29 November 2021
A New Year special offer from MedElement! Website of the clinic with a 25% discount
Only until December 31! Favorable conditions for the purchase of the site: Premium package at the price of the Prophy package! More options and features for less money
12 August 2021
Automation of clinics in all regions of Russia. MIS for a medical center
Selecting MIS for a clinic? We offer you to introduce quickly and profitably MIS MedElement in the clinic, medical center, dentistry in any region of the Russian Federation
21 July 2021
MedElement: 8 years with you! Briefly on the outcome of the first half of 2021
8 years we did not stand still. Our team created many different products for doctors, medical students, patients and the population, and continues working on digital tools to improve the quality of medicine and health care
08 July 2021
Automation clinics in Belarus. Package proposals for the introduction of MIS “MedElement”
We offer you to quickly and profitably introduce MIS “MedElement” into a clinic, medical center, dentistry. MIS “MedElement” is sold at 320 Belarus rubles. The system is suitable for small clinics, dentists and for large institutions having a hospital
03 July 2021
Ready website clinic from “MedElement”
The medical platform “MedElement” has launched a new service - site of a clinic. Multipage site, starting from 120 000 tenge. We offer a website which functionality is designed specifically for a clinic
17 June 2021
New section "Clinical reports. Kyrgyz Republic"
Clinical reports, guidelines and recommendations on diagnosis and treatment of diseases developed by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic, are published here
15 June 2021
Automation of clinics. MIS for a medical center. Working with Compulsory Social Health Insurance [OSMS] in Kazakhstan
MIS “MedElement” is a convenient cloud-based software to automate clinics. The system is suitable for small clinics, dentists’ and for large institutions having a hospital
29 March 2021
Clinical guidelines of the Republic of Uzbekistan are now in "MedElement"!
We have launched a section of clinical guidelines, reports and recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the reference system “MedElement”.
12 January 2021
MedElement. The outcome of 2020
The audience of the “MedElement” platform in year 2020 amounted to 17 million unique users