Medical platform "MedElement" offers the connection to a cloud service - the medical information system (MIS) "MedElement" - for clinics and doctors.

MIS "MedElement" is a professional medical information system with a full set of functions for the clinic automation.

More than 500 clinics in Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Uzbekistan are connected to the MIS "MedElement".

The MIS interface is implemented in Russian.

What processes can be automated in MIS "MedElement"?

 - Registration of patients: opening and search of medical records.

- Making an appointment: online management of appointment schedule.

- Management of patients: electronic medical records of patients.

- Remote consultations for patients: telemedicine. 

- Management of patients in a clinical setting.

- Finances: accounting of cash receipts and services.

- Provision and accounting of services under medical insurance contracts.

- Generation of reports.

- Marketing: CRM, evaluation of the advertising medium effectiveness, patient survey.

- Patient feedback: messaging, mail-out, mobile application for patients

Clinical decision supporting system 

MedElement company develops its own technology to assist in making clinical decisions. MIS "MedElement" is connected with an online database of interactive medical reference books. 

System elements: analysis of clinical findings, analysis of epidemiology, analysis of laboratory values.

Partnership and investments

We invite specialists and companies to partner in localization and promotion of MIS "MedElement" at new markets. 

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