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Search a physician and clinic quickly ask a question and make an appointment online

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Choose the required physicians at clinics with online appointments
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Find the best offers and prices for medical services
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Choose only the best specialists, give your feedback

Articles about medicine and health

Useful information about medicine, health maintenance, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, beauty and healthy lifestyle

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Store your medical records in a convenient "cloud office" and share information with your physician

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Mobile app

Convenient mobile application for finding a physician and clinic, making an appointment, storing medical records and exchanging information with the attending physician and clinic

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Professional medical information system

Official standards for diagnosis and treatment. Interactive reference books. Reviews of international guidelines and research.

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Reviews of the world medical periodicals
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Most significant publications with the translation into Russian
Reference laboratory values
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Find the best offers and prices for medical services
Directory of medicines and drugs
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Instruction leaflets for medical use of medicinal products, registration data (available in Russian)

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Management of medical practice in a convenient programme: patient database, appointment schedule, medical records, communication with patients via the Internet

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Information necessary for a physician is always «at hand»: standards of diagnosis and treatment, medicines instructions, international recommendations

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MIS: Automation of clinics

MIS: Automation of clinics

Cloud medical information system. Fast and inexpensive clinic automation

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Привлекайте пациентов

Engage patients

Advertising and promotion of the clinic on the Internet. MedElement Services help to attract more patients

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Online consultation

Consult patients online

The special service at the platform "MedElement" for remote patient consultations. Integration with MIS

Connection to MIS as a gift

Clinic website on the platform "MedElement"

We will create a website for your clinic. Fast and professional. We will refer patients and help with promotion

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Clinic website on MedElement platform
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One of the most visited medical portals in the CIS

"MedElement" - is an open platform that is actively developing, expanding into new markets and countries. Do you work in healthcare or IT in medicine? We can find common areas for cooperation!

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