The company MedElement launched a new service - the website of a medical organization created on the basis of our platform.

This service is perfect for clinics, medical centers, dentistists’ which need a simple and effective website for interacting with patients at affordable cost.

Clinic''s website at the best price! Connection to the service - from 280 USD

The clinic''s website at the base of "MedElement" has a simple and intuitive design on the basis of ready-made templates, convenient menu and all necessary functions for interacting with patients (appointment, questions, reviews). The site is adapted for mobile devices and optimized for the requirements of search systems.

The cost of connection also includes services for entering the information at the site and further content support for 1 year. 

Functions and characteristics of the clinic''s website at the base of "MedElement":

  • Ready-made website templates for private clinics and state medical organizations.
  • Unlimited number of text pages inside the website.
  • Site versions in different languages.
  • "Make an appointment" function.
  • "Ask a question" function.
  • "Patient reviews" section.
  • Possibility of integration with MIS.
  • Mobile adaptation of the design.
  • SEO-optimization.
  • Content support and hosting - administration of the website, renewal of the information at the website. 

Partnerships and investments

We are looking forward to cooperate with specialists and companies for the localization and promotion of the MedElement platform services in new markets.

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