Online consultation with a doctor is a convenient service of the platform "MedElement" which eliminates distances between the doctor and the patient. The service expands the possibilities for providing and receiving the medical care. 

Remote consultation with the doctor is quite relevant service in conditions of COVID-19!

Online consultation with the doctor in the service "MedElement" may take place via video meeting or text chat. The patient may ask all questions to the doctor, as well as send him/her the results of previous examinations (laboratory tests, ultrasound, endoscopy reports, etc.).

The platform "MedElement" offers to conduct online consultations as a full appointment with the complete consideration of all information in the MIS "MedElement".

Based on the information received from the patient, the doctor determines probable causes of the issue and gives his/her recommendations regarding further actions: what measures should be taken right now, what specialist should be contacted, what examinations should be passed.

Online consultations. For the clinic and the doctor

Benefits of connecting with the online consultation service:

  • Absence of "deadtime" on weekends, during non-working hours, as well as in case of insuperable force circumstances, when patients cannot go to the clinic in person.
  • Saving of resources by transferring the return-visits to online format.
  • Obtainment of the additional income by expanding the geography of work - doctors may consult patients from other cities and countries.

To connect your clinic or private practice to the service, please, contact us.

Online consultations. For the population

Online medical consultation with the doctor will help in the following cases:

  • You do not have the opportunity to visit the doctor at the clinic
  • You need an urgent consultation during non-working hours or day-off
  • You don't know which health professional regarding your issue
  • You need the interpretation of laboratory test or diagnostic test results
  • You want to get a "second opinion" from another health professional regarding the diagnosis or prescribed treatment
  • You want to save the anonymity and consult with the doctor in a confidential manner

Partnership and investments

We invite specialists and companies to partner in localization and promotion of services of the platform "MedElement" at new markets. 

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