Dear Colleagues! In the reference system “MedElement” a new section was created and named "Clinical reports. Kyrgyz Republic".

Clinical reports, guidelines and recommendations on diagnosis and treatment of diseases developed by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic, are published here.

This section has already published standards for diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 corona virus infection.

List of published documents:

- Clinical guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of corona virus infection (COVID-19), Version 5 (2021 year)

- Managing patients with chronic kidney diseases and COVID-19

- Managing patients and treatment of patients with diabetes and endocrinopathies at COVID-19 

- Managing patients and their treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases and COVID-19 

- Managing patients and their treatment of patients with rheumatological diseases and COVID-19 

- Managing patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease  [COPD] and bronchial asthma with COVID-19 

- Managing patients and their treatment of HIV-infected patients with COVID-19 

- Managing patients with oncological diseases during a Pandemic COVID-19 

- Provision of palliative medical care in the condition of Pandemic COVID-19 

- Managing patients with tuberculosis and COVID-19 

- Managing women with pregnancy and childbirth with the corona virus infection (COVID-19). Abortion of pregnancy in women with COVID-19 

- Recommendations on care of newborns in conditions of the corona virus infection (COVID-19) 

- Recommendations on management of the patients with the post COVID syndrome 

All guidelines in the reference system “MedElement” are in the form of electronic documents and are conveniently structured. Documents can be downloaded in PDF format or emailed to user’s email box.

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