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Friends, colleagues and partners! 

Below are the results of “MedElement” for the first quarter of this year.

Audience: +70%

Despite blocking data centers in Kazakhstan in the beginning of January (which almost fully down our project for a week) and unexpectedly “finished” coronavirus pandemic the audience of our services increased for 70% compared to a year earlier. In spring time, a number of unique visitors reached 10 million (9,9 million if compared to last year 5,8 million).

Clients: +30 in MIS

- 30 medical centers connected to our cloud based medical information system (MIS) for the last 3 months. In total over 400 working clinics in MIS were registered.

24 clinics connected/extended a service "Clinic site on the basis of the platform "MedElement".

- 14 companies have used promotion and advertisement services on a platform. 


In terms of service development, such functions as personal account, telemedical components were updated with adding about ten functions into MIS. A service for searching health care providers and clinics is getting ready to be released. 


Active work is in process with professional medical content of the platform (protocols and recommendations of 5 CIS countries, overview of worldwide medical periodical publications). Patient friendly information continues to be added in Kazakh, Uzbek and English languages.

The work continues. We wish you all health, peace and well-being! 

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