The company “MedElement” offers platform solutions for informatization of health care at the level of the state, region, large corporate networks.

MedElement technologies ensure quickly deploying the regional healthcare systems:

- Consolidation of management bodies, subordinate medical organizations, health professionals, patients in single information system.

- Information and reference services and mobile applications for health professionals and patients: electronic databases of treatment standards, searching for a doctor and making an appointment, my account.

- Big-data: the ability to collect and analyse medical data of patients within country, region, corporate network.

Benefits of using solutions of the MedElement platform:

- Time-proved ready-made solutions.

- Work in high load condition. Big Data.

- Up-to-date technologies. High performance solution.

- Open-source technologies:

  • openness, ready for development and individualization,
  • independence from large vendors and suppliers (i.e., from external players and states),
  • savings on OS, DBMS and other software licenses, 
  • transfer of products and competencies into full ownership.

- Complexity of the solution (for all participants in the healthcare sector).

- Interoperability and openness to interaction.

Partnership and investments

We invite specialists and companies to partner in localization and promotion of services of the platform "MedElement" at new markets. 

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