Only until December 31! Favorable conditions for the purchase of the site: "Premium" package at the price of the "Pro" package! More options and features for less money.

Use the promotional offer to quickly create a website for your clinic based on our platform.

This service is ideal for clinics, medical centers, dentists who need a simple and effective website for interacting with patients at an affordable cost.

Characteristics of the site based on MedElement MIS:

  • MedElement- based website of a clinic has a simple and easy-to-understand design based on ready-made templates, a convenient menu and all the necessary functions for interacting with patients (appointment, questions, feedback).
  • The site is adapted for viewing from mobile devices and optimized for the requirements of search systems.
  • The cost of connection includes your own domain, hosting and services for information insertion to the site and further content support for 1 year.

Additional site bonuses from MedElement:

  • Promotion on the Internet: advertising and placement of PR articles on, advertising on Google (the content of services depends on the package).
  • Connection to the MIS MedElement (the content of services depends on the package).

Package offers for the purchase of a website in MedElement:

- "Pro" package: 415 USD

- "Premium" Package: 550 USD

On the New Year promotion offer, you can buy a website as part of the "Premium" package at the price of the "Pro" package!

You save - 135 USD

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