Selecting MIS for a clinic?

We offer you to introduce quickly and profitably MIS MedElement in the clinic, medical center, dentistry in any region of the Russian Federation.

Medical information system "MedElement"  is a convenient cloud program for automation clinics.

You can maintain an electronic reception schedule in the system, fill in patient medical records, as well as exercise full accounting of financial income.

The system is suitable for both small clinics and dentist’s and for major medical organizations having a hospital.

Special sale offer! Package offer to introduce MIS:

- Package "1 + 1" (1 APM + 1 APM as a gift) – 8 400 rubles

1 Workstation + 1 Workstation as a gift 

- Package "2 + 1" – 15 800 rubles

2 Workstations + 1 workstation as a gift

- Package "4 + 1" – 29 600 rubles

4 Workstations + 1 workstation as a gift 

Packages include:

  • Rent a service IIA during the year
  • Planned system updates (new features) during the year
  • Stacking, system configuration and user training
  • Consulting support

Benefits of Mis "MedElement”

- Favorable price: Best complex offer for solving the whole spectrum of tasks of a medical organization.  

- Quick launch in a few days in any region of Belarus.

- The Module interoperability to interact with patients: mass texting, online appointment, a mobile application. 

- The Module "Online Consultation of Patients" - doctors can advise patients remotely and populate the  MIS with data. !Convenient in COVID-19 times! 

- Many useful features and capabilities - more than 300 medical organizations of various profiles use MED "MedElement"

What processes can be automated in MIS “MedElement”? 

  • Patient registration: drawing up and search for medical records.
  • Appoint a visit: online management of appointment schedules.
  • Filling out medical documentation: electronic medical records of patients.
  • Accounting finance and services.
  • Calculation of doctors’ remuneration.
  • Formation of financial and marketing reports.
  • Collection of marketing information: the effectiveness of advertising channels, questioning patients.
  • Texting to patients: reminder of a visit, special offers and discounts.

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