Medical information platform “MedElement” ( is cloud services and help systems for doctors and medical organizations, medical students and everyone who cares about their health.

Mission of MedElement Project  - improving the quality of medical care and improving the health of the population.

Key platform advantages:

  • Ubiquitous access to information and web services - cloud storage
  • Ease communication between the clinic and the patient using convenient web services
  • Extensive database of medical information aggregated on a single platform 

MedElement Platform ranks among the Top-10 most popular professional medical resources of the CIS by total visits. 

Our statistics - website traffic and figures of the main services of MedElement Platform. Daily updates.

The Platform maintains services in Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek languages.  

For the public 

- Search service for doctors and clinics (medical aggregator)

Quick Search for a doctor, clinic or medical service in your city. Option to ask a question to the clinic, make an appointment, peruse discounts and promotions offers from clinics.

Countries open to finding a doctor and clinic: RUSSIA, KAZAKHSTAN, BELARUS, UZBEKISTAN

- Online Doctor Consultation

Consultation on health issues from qualified doctors without leaving your home. Consultations are available via video communication or text chat.

- Guide to Diseases

Maximum information on various diseases: symptoms, causes, risk factors, recommended methods of diagnosis and treatment, complications, prevention.

- Articles about health and medicine 

Plenty of noteworthy and efficient documentary material about health, proper nutrition, beauty and healthy lifestyle, as well as checklists for taking medical measurements and preparing for studies.

Mobile App "MedElement: to patients and doctors" – all services of MedElement Platform for the public in a single convenient application.

For doctors and professionals

- Doctor Account Service

MIS for private doctors. Management of medical practice in a convenient programme: patient database, appointment schedule, electronic medical records, communication with patients via the Internet.

- Medical help system for doctors 

An extensive database of materials on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, laboratory parameters, medicines, as well as official state standards for diagnosis and treatment of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan.

The help system provides a convenient search for materials by the ICD-10 code or by the section of medicine.

- Medical news 

  • Reviews of the world medical periodicals - the newest and most prominent scientific publications in translation into Russian.
  • Announcements of events, activities, training seminars
  • COVID-19 coronavirus - relevant publications on the study, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. 

- Medical mobile apps  - MedElement professional help system services in free smartphone apps.

For clinics

- MedElement MIS

Cloud medical information system for the automation of clinics, medical centres, dental clinics. A full set of functions for automating the activity of the reception, cash desk, doctors, hospital. Module for handling with health insurance contracts. Online Patient Consultation Module.

-  MedElement platform-based clinic website 

Ready-made website templates for public and private clinics, an online appointment function (integration with the clinic’s MIS), a journal of correspondence with patients. Content support, hosting, SEO, mobile design, multilingual versions.

- Advertising and promotion of the clinic

Attracting the patients stream to the clinic: banner and contextual advertising in the Doctor and Clinic Search Service, advertising in search networks, publication of PR materials.

For business. Collaboration. Investments 

- Areas for cooperation:

  • Partnership in the field of language adaptation and promotion of MedElement services in new markets 
  • Providing API functions for integrating platform services with other information systems
  • Medical Big-Data: statistical and marketing reports based on the analysis of medical big - data (visits to doctors, diagnoses, types of diagnostics, prescribed treatment).
  • Informatization of health care at the level of the state, region, corporations and enterprises using a platform solution


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