The mobile application "MedElement" is a specialized medical application for patients and doctors. Search for a doctor and clinic, make an appointment, online consultations, patient's personal account, reference information.

FOR PATIENTS. The application helps people to take care of their health and interact with the doctor and clinic at all stages of treatment: search for a doctor and medical services, making an appointment, online consultation with a doctor, obtainment of research results and prescriptions, evaluation of the quality of medical services and the level of service.

FOR DOCTORS. The application helps to attract patients interested in receiving the qualified medical care, make an appointment, consult patients online and receive feedback after the medical care.

In addition, the application includes a reference section for doctors which contains standards for the diagnostics and treatment of diseases in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, as well as review articles based on Russian-language clinical guidelines and foreign guidelines.

Functions and sections of the application:

- Search for a doctor, clinic and medical service in the selected region (selection from the available regions)

- Make an appointment with a doctor via the application

- Conversation with the clinic in a question-answer mode

- Online consultation with a doctor

- Feedback after visiting a doctor or clinic: reviews, ratings, surveys

- Electronic patient's account: a personal service for exchanging the information with the doctor and clinic, storing the history of visiting doctors, receiving and storing the medical information from the doctor and clinic

- Library of useful knowledge: articles and materials for patients and doctors

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Partnership and investments

We invite specialists and companies to partner in localization and promotion of services of the platform "MedElement" at new markets. 

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