The platform "MedElement" has sections and services for both doctors and population. Our services help people to find doctors, clinics, medical services in their region, and also contain a lot of useful information about medicine, health, beauty and healthy lifestyle. 

If you are looking for a platform to promote medical products and services among the population, then we have great options for you!

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Which companies advertise on "MedElement"?

  • Clinics, medical centers, dentists’, laboratories, rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Companies selling medical supplies for patients
  • Companies selling goods and services related to health and healthy lifestyle (insurance, sports, nutrition, etc.)

Advertisement and promotion in the Doctor and Clinic Search Service

The platform "MedElement" has its own healthcare aggregator - Doctor and Clinic Search Service

The Doctor and Clinic Search Service "MedElement" is a large healthcare aggregator operating in several CIS countries (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus). Service traffic

Advertisement and promotion options in the Service

- Advertising banner at the web-pages of clinics, doctors, pharmacies, laboratories

- Advertising collateral for clinics. The collateral includes the priority in search results of the service, as well as the disabling of advertisements of other clinics at the web-page.

- Connection of online appointment service for clinics.

Placement of the article about medicine, health, healthy lifestyle

The platform "MedElement" offers the placement of articles in the information section. Topics of materials: medicine, diagnostics and treatment of diseases, health, beauty, healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

Banner advertising

All reference sections of the platform "MedElement" stipulate the placement of static site-wide advertising banners on web-pages:

- Medical reference system (diseases, diagnostic and treatment standards)

- Reference book for medicines 

- Doctor and Clinic Search Service

Partnership and investments

We invite specialists and companies to partner in localization and promotion of services of the platform "MedElement" at new markets. 

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