A brief overview of the Platform operation results and indicators over the past 2022. Getting to work in the new year, based on the results of the previous one.

Audience: 22.9 million unique users

The number of visits has reached 59 million.

We have seen an increase in the number of our services consumers compared to the previous year. And this was despite data centers blocking in Kazakhstan in early January (which, in turn, blocked the operation of all our services), a drop in traffic in a number of regions, and the suddenly «ended» coronavirus pandemic.

Clients: over 140 new HIS clients

30 medical centers connected to our cloud HIS in the last quarter of 2022.

The total number of clinics working in HIS has risen beyond 500.


- Functions of the user's personal account and telemedicine component have been updated

- Dozens of functions have been added to HIS

- HIS-based cashback processing module (bonus system) has been launched

- HIS has been integrated with WhatsApp messenger.

- Work on updating the aggregator of doctors and clinics has been completed.

- The basis for a new section for specialists and clinics has been created - a professional account (PRO), where specialists will have "at hand" all the consolidated capabilities of our platform - information, advertising, communication and various applied services. It is expected that already in February our users will be able to evaluate the first version of this section

- The development of a UX-UI model has been initiated for further scheduled updates of the platform's reference system 


We continue active work with the professional medical content of the platform (protocols and recommendations of 5 CIS countries, reviews of global medical periodicals, announcements of events). Useful information for patients is added in Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek and English.

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