Medical Help System is a convenient web service of the MedElement platform for doctors and the public.

The system contains an extensive database of medical information, as well as information on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

The service holds information mainly in Russian.

Guide to Diseases

Review articles about diseases created by the medical edition of the guide.

Each article provides a maximum of structured information about the disease: definition, classification, aetiology and pathogenesis, epidemiology, risk factors, clinical picture, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, differential diagnosis, treatment, complications, hospital admission, outcome, prevention.

Diagnostic and treatment standards of different countries

Help system “MedElement” maintains clinical protocols and clinical guidelines drafted by the Ministries of Healthcare of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan.

Laboratory parameters reference

Laboratory parameters reference “MedElement” ensures fast-access retrieval of information about parameters and convenient interpretation of the test results.

Drug reference

Quick search for medicines by name or active ingredient. View from IFU

Partnerships and investments

We are looking forward to cooperate with specialists and companies for the localization and promotion of the MedElement platform services in new markets.

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