Colleagues, we have prepared a brief overview of the platform's results and indicators for the 3rd quarter of challenging 2022. Although, of course, to say that this year is not easy would be an understatement. We can hardly recall such a number of “black swans” in a relatively short period of time in our history… However, "MedElement" is steadily growing and developing!

The audience of the project has grown and as of October 1 we have:

  • 23.8 mln unique visitors for 9 months of this year
  • 42.7 mln visit
  • 51.9 mln page views (not taking into account MIS data, where the number of page views reached almost 300 mln)

The platform is becoming popular and visited not only in CIS countries, but also in many countries far abroad.

During the 3rd quarter, 36 more clinics were connected to the cloud MIS "MedElement". The total number of active clients using MIS already exceeds 450 clinics.

The number of active sessions on this product exceeds the indicators of the previous year by 26%.

We do not stop developing new functions, services and even projects.

In the 3rd quarter, our team implemented the following tasks:

  • A new module has been launched in the MIS loyalty system for clinics – cashback system allowing to attract patients to repeat visits.
  • The integration of MIS with WhatsApp messenger has been completed and now it is at the debugging stage.
  • The search service for doctors and clinics has been updated (it still works in parallel with the old aggregator, we test it and fix small details). The updated service is the new design, new features and multilingualism.
  • The basis of a new large service has been created – PRO, a professional account (for clinics and practitioners). At present, three sections of this project are at the stage of the development completion. We hope to surprise and please our users in a very short time

In terms of content, our team also constantly updates clinical protocols and recommendations of the Ministries of Health of 5 countries (Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan).

There is a constant monitoring of updates of the global medical periodicals. Abstracts of international publications in Russian are published on the platform almost daily (much appreciation to our medical expert, Talant Imanaliyevich Kadyrov).

Also, news and announcements of medical associations, exhibitions, conferences are constantly published in the news sections of the platform. The database of useful articles about the health and healthy lifestyle for the population is being renewed.

In general, we work and make every effort to ensure that our information products improve the quality of medicine and healthcare and ultimately improve the quality of people's lives.

All the best to everyone and, of course, keep well!

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