Electronic patient account is a convenient additional service for visitors of the platform "MedElement".  

Your account is generated automatically after registration on the platform.

The platform "MedElement" has special reference and information services for everyone who cares for their health. The entire history of visitors’ interaction with the platform's services is stored in the personal account:

  • Correspondence with clinics.
  • History of visits of partner clinics and doctors.
  • Getting of online consultations with doctors.
  • Interesting articles and materials about medicine and health.

Users can also upload and store their medical data in the user account so that they can be used anytime.

Features of the patient’s user account in "MedElement":

- Storage of the medical information in a personal cloud medical card (test results, doctors' prescriptions, medical images, etc.).

- Getting of the information from clinic and doctor: visit history, diagnosis, prescribed medicinal prodcuts, recommendations (the service works in clinics connected to MIS "MedElement").

- Consultations with doctors via the Internet: medical consultation via video meeting or text chat.

- Correspondence with the doctor and clinic as question-answer session. 

- History of the user actions at the platform - "I like" section. Everything which is interesting for the user (like, feedback or comment left) will be saved in the personal account.

Partnerships and investments

We are looking forward to cooperate with specialists and companies for the localization and promotion of the MedElement platform services in new markets.

Contact us: office@medelement.com