MedElement Platform offers various advertising options for promoting goods, services, events in the area of medicine and health: banner advertising, posting articles.

We invite pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical goods and equipment to cooperation. The platform provides an opportunity to place ads for both medical professionals and the public.

Over 3.3 million users visit MedElement monthly. 

Full statistics of MedElement

Advertising and promotion options:

- Banner advertising - starting from 140 RUB / 1,000 KZT (CPM)

 - Placement of articles - starting from 10,000 RUB / 50,000 KZT

- Placement of contextual inserts in ready-made platform materials (articles on health and healthy lifestyle, standards for diagnostics and treatment, instructions for use of medicinal products) - 30,000 RUB / 150,000 KZT

MEDIA KIT. See all options and prices

Target audience: Doctors and healthcare professionals

A huge audience of practicing healthcare professionals uses reference services and MedElement HIS on a daily basis.

You are offered an opportunity to communicate directly with healthcare professionals (posting materials in the news feed of doctors in HIS), as well as banner and organic contextual advertising in reference and information services for doctors.

Target audience: Population

MedElement has the largest audience among medical Internet projects in Kazakhstan and ranks among TOP-10 platforms in terms of attendance at specialized medical projects in the CIS.

You get direct access to those who require your products.

MedElement platform offers placement of articles in the information section for the population, as well as banner advertising in the Doctor and Clinic Search Service as well as in the Directory of Diseases and Medicinal Products.

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