Medical platform “MedElement” is open-shared for cooperation with specialized medical associations and medical communities.

Content partnership

MedElement platform is the most-visited professional medical resource in Kazakhstan and ranks among Top 10 of the most popular medical resources in the CIS. 

Our statistics - website traffic and figures of the main services of MedElement Platform. Daily updates.

Content partnership with MedElement is an excellent opportunity to draw the attention of the medical community to an event (conference, exhibition, congress, seminar, round table, training program).

As part of information support, we offer the following formats for promoting an event:

- information banners,

- publication of announcements and articles,

- distributing announcements to the platform’s user base (doctors, clinics),

- promotion in social networks (Facebook) within the platform accounts and in thematic groups.

Service for the publication of scientific, methodological, educational materials

The service ensures creating an information section of the organization based on the MedElement platform: publishing articles, placing methodological literature in the open access, creating an archive of training materials available online.

Clinical guidelines development service

"Cloud" software service that allows the development of clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by the team of authors online (simultaneous work on the same document by several specialists).

Partnerships and investments

We are looking forward to cooperate with specialists and companies for the localization and promotion of the MedElement platform services in new markets.

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