The audience of the “MedElement” platform in year 2020 amounted to 17 million unique users.

We have balanced the main numbers for the past year 2020 and have found out that this year has been quite effective for the “MedElement” platform.

The audience and its geography

Despite the quarantine and lockdowns and that some our services were losing traffic periodically, our audience has grown.

17 million unique users (+ 43.5% by year 2019), more than 34 million unique visits and almost 50 million pages views - the impressive outcome of the reference and information services and the softwares of “MedElement” in year 2020.

There was a small change of the leading country-users, compared to 2019.

Specifically, in 2020, the 1st place was steadily taken by Russia, having put Kazakhstan to the 2nd place. Notwithstanding good growth of the Belarus’ audience, Uzbekistan became the leader in the dynamics of audience growth among the CIS, Uzbekistan took the 4th place in the number of users and rose beyond 500 thousand users.

In 2020 top of the countries by audience (unique users) looked like this:

1. Russia - 7.8 million

2. Kazakhstan - 6.3 million

3. Ukraine - 1 million

4. Uzbekistan - 514 000

5. Belarus – 456 000

6. Kyrgyzstan - 180 000

7. Moldova - 119 000

8. Azerbaijan - 75 000

9. The USA - 70 000  

Sweden, Germany, Tajikistan, Georgia also exceeded 50 000, whereas, Armenia did not reach this result (48 thousand) although was almost there.

By the dynamics of growth in 2020, the leaders were Sweden (+ 473% (!?)), Uzbekistan (+ 133%), Tajikistan (+ 90%), Russia (+ 82%) and Kyrgyzstan (+ 70%)

As for the percentage of population covered by “MedElement” services, certainly, Kazakhstan is leading (33.8% of the country's population) and our nearest countries: Russia (5.4%), Belarus (4.8%), Moldova (3.4%) and Kyrgyzstan (2.9%).

15 countries got in TOP on visiting, this included foreign countries: the United States, Sweden, Germany, Turkey. This fact suggests that the Russian-speaking population of these countries is also a large enough audience for us.

At the end of 2020, we started active working in Belarus,we registered a representative office, started activities.

Development of services, software and useful content

In 2020, our talented development team, certainly, did not stand still. Huge amount of work was done: a telemedicine module (integrated into MIS) was developed, an interoperability bus was actively being developed, and a medical information system (MIS) “MedElement” had been actively developed and replenished with a new useful software and hardware in form of the mobile applications.

In the beginning of 2020, by the order of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russian Federation, “MedElement”  was included in the register of socially significant Internet resources of the Russian Federation.

As part of the fight against COVID-19, in our reference system a separate section opened where we promptly published both updates of clinical reports, recommendations and reviews of world medical periodic on diagnosis and treatment of corona virus.

Also, within the framework of the preparation for the COVID-19 second wave, our company in cooperation with academic research and production enterprise "Atameken", has introduced the service "Monitoring of the socially essential medicines".

This web service allows consolidating and prompt updaing information about availability and cost of drugs from pharmacies and pharmacy networks throughout Kazakhstan.

The "MedElement" team has not stopped at this continuing rendering high-quality services and useful content!

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