We have something new to announce! A new service for MedElement platform, a professional account for doctors and clinics, is almost ready to launch.

However, rather than just a mere service, it is a hub for all the services available on the platform. Using it, you will be able to manage your practice, be it HIS management or engaging with patients.

PRO-account starter options:

- HIS entry point moves to PRO-account

- A convenient news feed with an overview of all the updates of the reference system (clinical protocols), reviews of medical periodicals, event announcements, MedElement news and more.

- You get access to your page in the Doctor Search Service (for now, only the data viewing option is available, a little later data change function will be introduced)

- In separate sections, you will find questions and feedback from patients from the Service where you can immediately send a reply.

- When connecting the online appointment function, all applications to your clinic will be shown.

- Information about other MedElement services available for connection (advertising, website, telemedicine) with a prompt connection request option. In the future, an option to independently include new services will be available.

This is for starters. Further on, functions for conducting medical practice are to be incorporated, dealing with a simplified version of HIS.

These will very soon be available for viewing and evaluation - just register on medelement.com.

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