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20 March 2023
5 Ways to Reduce Your Breasts
<p dir="ltr" xss="removed"> <span xss="removed">It is not only unpretentious, but also excessively magnificent forms that may cause you embarrassment. In addition to psychological problems, a large bust may sometimes be a source of quite perceptible health problems. However, the situation is not hopeless</span></p> <div>  </div>
04 January 2023
Fighting bedsores: the basics of bedridden care
<strong xss="removed">Bedsores can appear in people of any age if they cannot independently change the position of the body. For example, they are bedridden or wheelchair-bound. Treatment and prevention of bedsores are a whole range of measures to care for a sick person</strong>
13 December 2022
10 commandments for healthy breasts
<p dir="ltr" xss="removed"> <span id="docs-internal-guid-61c92f9f-7fff-7e86-5e7c-ee361a64834e"><span xss="removed">Only healthy breasts, regardless of whether they are the fourth size or the first, can be beautiful. </span></span><span xss="removed">Daily care of your health, timely prevention and compliance with simple rules will help you avoid problems and always remain beautiful</span></p> <div>  </div>
14 October 2022
11 tips to avoid kidney stones
What healthy habits should you stick to in order to protect your kidneys from stones?
29 September 2022
Food intolerance
<span id="docs-internal-guid-b6f280f0-7fff-d0a5-ca55-58e5d4a640d0"><span xss="removed">Even the healthiest foods can cause digestive problems. </span></span><span xss="removed">Intolerance is much more common than allergy</span> <div>  </div>
05 September 2022
4 diseases that your knees scream about
&nbsp;Let&#39;s talk about 4 diseases that our knees are trying to tell us about
25 August 2022
After vacation
<span id="docs-internal-guid-c13cb201-7fff-a12c-45e5-c087a1d6c5ad"><span xss=removed>After the holidays, we are prone to irritation and depression.</span></span>
07 July 2022
First aid in case of a stroke
<p dir="ltr" xss="removed"> <span id="docs-internal-guid-5b515ca9-7fff-b134-d06b-32f34fd36c7e"><span xss="removed">How to recognize a stroke and what to do before the ambulance arrives?</span></span></p> <div>  </div>
27 June 2022
How to protect yourself from diabetes: symptoms and risk factors
<span id="docs-internal-guid-2b4e83bd-7fff-737c-9967-20de6b00051f"><span xss="removed">Diabetes is one of the most insidious diseases. It can not only ruin the quality of life, but also render a person disabled. </span></span><span id="docs-internal-guid-dc1bff9e-7fff-ede4-75c5-da3f9f6a97fc"><span xss="removed">Their emergence involves a complex of predisposing factors. Understanding the development of diabetes helps to recognize the disease in a timely manner, and even prevent it in some cases</span></span>
15 April 2022
10 habits that make your belly flat
<p dir="ltr" xss="removed"> <span id="docs-internal-guid-e8492c14-7fff-011c-46bb-7094eedfe47a"><span xss="removed">Do you want to keep your belly flat? These habits will help you get rid of abdominal distention and keep fit</span></span></p> <div>  </div>
20 March 2022
Sleep deficiency. What happens if one does not get enough sleep all the time
<p dir="ltr" xss="removed"> <span id="docs-internal-guid-0fad7fe8-7fff-45c4-d5b0-957345ec5809"><span xss="removed">We have collected 10 of the most important motivations to have enough sleep. The effect of sleep on the physical and mental state of a person</span></span></p> <div>  </div>
16 February 2022
Where acne come from
<p dir="ltr" xss="removed"> <span id="docs-internal-guid-602ad925-7fff-eca8-b7c7-843ce50f0c7c"><span xss="removed">To get rid of acne and prevent its reoccurrence, one needs to understand where acne come from and act upon the source of the problem.</span></span></p> <div>  </div>
10 February 2022
Dental implantation: myths and reality
<p dir="ltr" xss="removed"> <span id="docs-internal-guid-52affd27-7fff-e9e3-c840-51b9503ba595"><span xss="removed">Dental implants are still myths-steeped. We consider the most popular of them with Dr. Ibrahim Mirzoev</span></span></p> <div>  </div>
14 January 2022
Astigmatism in children
<span id="docs-internal-guid-88a0b5cb-7fff-151b-e19a-4095026e7382"><span xss="removed">About 40% of children suffer from a mild astigmatism. Our article describes how to identify and correct this pathology </span></span>
10 January 2022
Spermogram: a test for future dads
A spermogram is prescribed for unsuccessful attempts by a couple to conceive a child, checking male fertility, that is, fertilizing ability
15 November 2021
Do men have menopause?
<p dir="ltr" xss="removed"> <span id="docs-internal-guid-d2376ce5-7fff-2056-b5be-36f451ddb381"><span xss="removed">Do men have a condition similar to menopause? Medicine gives a definitive and affirmative answer to this question. Details - in our material</span></span></p> <div>  </div>
03 October 2021
Heimlich maneuver: How to help in suffocation
Situations when a foreign body gets into the respiratory tract occur rather often. According to statistics, in 95-98% of cases this happens to children aged 1.5 to 3 years. Everyone should know how to act correctly in such situations.
23 September 2021
Exercise therapy: how it is conducted and how it is useful
<span id="docs-internal-guid-809dd400-7fff-93b6-6180-c7f6b47f806e"><span xss="removed">Exercise</span><span xss="removed"> therapy is the most physiological, natural and extremely effective method of treatment, which is used for almost any diseases, injuries, at any age. The physical exercises used in physical therapy are specially selected depending on the type of disease and the condition of the patient</span></span>
08 September 2021
Giving up sugar: what will happen to the body
Excessive amounts of sweets in our diet not only leads to weight gain, but also disrupts the normal functioning of metabolism, increases the risk of developing diabetes and other serious diseases. Giving up sugar is the first step to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition
06 August 2021
Allergy in infants: what to do?
<span id="docs-internal-guid-d1411075-7fff-fcad-5307-21674d8a4bbe"><span xss=removed>Allergies in children are a real scourge of the modern time. Every 20th child is diagnosed with a "food allergy", and every 3rd child is at risk of developing it. What is the reason, what are the risk factors and what kind of food to choose in case of an allergic reaction – read in our material</span></span>