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Articles about medicine and health

Heimlich maneuver: How to help in suffocation
03 Oct 1 0 207
Situations when a foreign body gets into the respiratory tract occur rather often. According to statistics, in 95-98% of cases this happens to children aged 1.5 to 3 years. Everyone should know how to act correctly in such situations.
Exercise therapy: how it is conducted and how it is useful
23 Sep 1 1 167
Exercise therapy is the most physiological, natural and extremely effective method of treatment, which is used for almost any diseases, injuries, at any age. The physical exercises used in physical therapy are specially selected depending on the type of disease and the condition of the patient
Giving up sugar: what will happen to the body
08 Sep 0 0 92
Excessive amounts of sweets in our diet not only leads to weight gain, but also disrupts the normal functioning of metabolism, increases the risk of developing diabetes and other serious diseases. Giving up sugar is the first step to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition
Allergy in infants: what to do?
06 Aug 0 0 40
Allergies in children are a real scourge of the modern time. Every 20th child is diagnosed with a "food allergy", and every 3rd child is at risk of developing it. What is the reason, what are the risk factors and what kind of food to choose in case of an allergic reaction – read in our material
12 signs of an unhealthy thyroid gland
21 May 1 0 102
Disorders in the thyroid gland can unsettle habitual life of any person regardless of gender, age and lifestyle. Therefore, it is so important to know the first signs of diseases of the endocrine system. The symptoms that you are used to and do not pay attention to can be life-threatening
Blepharoplasty: answers to popular questions
30 Apr 1 0 40
Eyelid surgery is quite a popular surgical operation among women who have crossed the 35-year milestone. We will answer the most popular questions about it in detail in our article
Allergy: what to do in the spring?
26 Mar 1 0 45
Spring is not only sunny days, the first flowers and green lawns. Unfortunately, this time of active flowering of plants brings spring pollinosis to many people. It is a widespread seasonal chronic disease caused by pollen from flowering plants pollinated by wind
How to "swing" the metabolism: 6 simple tips
27 Nov 2020 1 0 53
Some people eat everything and anything and remain slim, others gain weight just looking at food. Nutritionists are sure that the type of metabolism is the reason. The life of people with a slow metabolism is an eternal struggle for harmony. How to win this fight?
ICP: forewarned is forearmed
23 Dec 2019 1 0 48
The diagnosis of infantile cerebral paralysis for all parents sounds like a verdict: they don't want to believe it. However, with the right attitude to the disease, it is possible to prevent many consequences and help the child maintain the same lifestyle as everyone else