You had a great rest. Colleagues pay compliments to your tan and complexion, and now and then you fall out of reality, reminiscing the details of the vacation. You just can't get into a work rhythm. Work is the last thing you think about. Don't worry, this is quite normal. 

Post-vacation syndrome

Even after a very well-spent vacation, many find that they are not in great shape at all, feel tired, cannot concentrate on work, become nervous and irritable. Sometimes there is pain in the stomach, insomnia, lack of appetite. These are pretty common complaints. Psychologists claim that up to 80% of office workers in big cities experience a similar post-vacation or return syndrome. 
The fact is that after a vacation, the body tries to adapt to new conditions. Fatigue is a natural reaction to change. Everything gradually returns to normal, but the body needs some help.


Life after vacation

Plan in advance not only the vacation, but also the return from it. Foresee and organize everything in such a way as to avoid a sharp transition from rest to stress. It is better to return home a couple of days earlier in order to calmly and without fuss enter the usual rhythm. Do not immediately rush to do a general cleaning and unpack your bags upon your return. Instead, read books or magazines, watch a movie or your favorite TV shows. Try to extend the psychological atmosphere of the holiday - meet friends, go to your favorite cafe.

In order to quickly return to the working rhythm, it is important to restore the previous daily routine. Go to bed early. Do not sit too long in front of the TV or computer, eat light meals, take a fragrant bath before going to bed. Pay close attention to nutrition - stick to a sparing diet, without fatty and spicy foods, fried and canned food. Give preference to dairy and plant foods.
Try to increase your physical activity, especially if you spent your entire vacation lying on the beach. Get in the habit of exercising, walk every day for at least an hour. If you worked on your fitness before, gradually restore your usual workouts. The first workout after a vacation should be just a warm-up. If you brought extra pounds from vacation, you should not exhaust yourself with intense physical exercises in order to get rid of them as soon as possible.
And do not attach great importance to your ailments. They will disappear in 1-2 weeks and you will feel rested.
What about those who have already started working?
Here are some simple but effective tips on how to get in the right mood.

Do without labor feats

Do not try to show high labor productivity in the first working days. Give yourself time to gradually tune in and get to work. Start your working day by reviewing the accumulated mail, read the news related to your profession, put your papers in order. You can buy a new stationery to make it more pleasant to be at the workplace.
To get a portion of positive emotions, make a cup of aromatic tea. If you experience irritability, it is better to avoid drinking coffee. Try to avoid contact with people you don't like in the early days.

Play computer games

To get started, try playing computer games. Choose those that require concentration and quick reactions. Studies have shown that the brain reduces the speed of its work by 25% during the holidays. Therefore, it must be shaken out of sleep. 

Don't stay late at work

In the first few days, do not work after hours. Your current main task is not to overload yourself with work duties, but to try to renew the desire and strength to work to the utmost.


Try meditating right at your desk. Close your eyes, relax.  Refresh memory about your victories, the most successful working episodes, when the success of a common cause depended on you. Recollect as many small details as possible. Meditate in this way for 5-10 minutes in the first days of work and the burst of energy will again become your second nature.

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