A spectacular toned chest is one of the main attributes of femininity and sexual attractiveness. But beauty goes hand in hand with health. Only healthy breasts, regardless of whether they are the fourth size or the first, can be beautiful.
Daily care of your health, timely prevention and compliance with simple rules will help you avoid problems and always remain beautiful.

1. Eat right

A full balanced diet is very important to maintain a healthy breast. Especially if there are problems already (for example, fibroadenoma, mastopathy, swelling of the mammary glands before menstruation). If possible, exclude fatty meats and fish, animal fats, pastry products, canned vegetables, smoked meats, hot sauces, fried food, and sugar from the diet. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.
Your daily diet must include fresh vegetables and fruits, especially those with a high content of vitamins A, E and C (carrots, spinach, apricots, citrus fruits, cabbage). These vitamins are very useful for the breast.
Variations and fluctuations in weight are very harmful to the female breast. So, with a sharp weight loss, the breast becomes flabby, stretch marks appear on it. For example, with a weight reduction of 10 kg, each breast is reduced by about 200 g. Therefore, lose weight correctly and gradually – no more than 1.5-2 kg per month.

2. Don't slouch

A stooped and hunched back does not adorn anyone. Especially women. The habit of slouching leads to sagging breast, and it can lose its shape forever. Straighten your shoulders – this will make your breast visually higher, and it will look much fuller. The fact is that when we keep our back straight, part of the weight of the chest falls on the ribs, while the bust tissues are unloaded and the skin is not pulled down. If you slouch, pick up a set of exercises for posture.

3. Protect your chest from injury

Even a small bump can cause serious problems. Therefore, it is important to fasten your seat belt at the wheel, avoid injury while doing sports and during any physical activity, be careful in places with large crowds of people. The consequences, even after a minor blow, can manifest much later. The bruise passes, but a seal forms at the site of the impact, which can easily degenerate into a malignant tumor.

4. Wear the right bra

Choose this piece of clothing correctly. The main rule is that you should feel comfortable in it. A bra should not restrict movement, cut into the body, squeeze the breath, and especially leave traces on the body. With prolonged wearing of such tight underwear, the venous outflow in the mammary gland is disrupted, stagnant phenomena occur. And vice versa. Too loose bra does not support the chest well, and this leads to stretch marks and sagging breasts. When choosing the right bra, follow a few rules. First, the breast should completely occupy the cup. Secondly, do not over-indulge the "push-up". This model, of course, makes the breast spectacular, but at the same time disrupts blood circulation. Third, avoid narrow straps that cut into the shoulders and leave marks. Mammologists insist: the wider the straps are, the more evenly the weight of the mammary glands is distributed.
During sports, fitness, ballet and gymnastics, a sports bra is required. It helps to avoid unnecessary loads, as well as not to stretch the skin and connective tissues.

5. Sunbathe safely

Are you a fan of a golden even tan without traces of a swimsuit? Think about whether this beauty is worth such sacrifices. Solarium and sun can provoke the growth of a cancerous tumor.
Direct sunlight can cause burns, as a result, sensitive breast skin will lose its elasticity and prematurely age.
If the pale appearance of the skin really depresses you and you are not ready to give up a light tan, then follow the next rules. In the solarium, cover your chest with special protective devices, and go out in the sun before 12 or after 17 hours, having previously applied a protective cream.
If you still plan to sunbathe topless, be sure to use a cream with a high sun protection factor.

6. Exercise and tempering

Regular physical exercises improve blood circulation, which only has a positive effect on the condition of all muscles, and at the same time, thanks to the increased production of collagen, improve the elasticity of the skin.
Hardening is an unfairly forgotten way of improving the body. It perfectly trains blood vessels and improves the condition of the skin – it becomes more elastic. The procedure should be performed in the following order: first the arms, then the neck, shoulders, lower back, chest, abdomen, back and legs. You can't start pouring cold water right away, the temperature drop should occur gradually and be comfortable. Alternatively, use a contrast shower. Change warm water to cool water every 2-3 minutes. After getting used to it, gradually increase the cool water period, then lower its temperature.
You can also sign up for a pool and swim breaststroke – this is how the muscles of the upper torso are worked out perfectly.

7. Engage in self-examination

Ask if the women in your family had breast problems. If the answer is yes, be sure to master the techniques of self-examination. It must be carried out once a month on the same days. It is necessary to carefully feel the chest in order to detect the presence of seals, nodules, painful sensations and roughness on the skin in time.
Breast self-examination can be carried out:
Lying down. Put a pillow under your right shoulder blade, raise your hand above your head. With circular movements with light pressure, examine first the right breast, and then the left (with the fingers of the left hand): from the edges of the breast in the direction of the nipple.
Standing up. Raise your right hand. With the fingers of your left hand, feel all the parts of the right breast, revealing whether there are any swellings, seals. Examination of the left breast is carried out similarly.
By the mirror. Examine the chest: first – in a pose with lowered arms, then – with raised. Pay attention to whether there are any enlargements, changes in skin color or shape. Gently squeeze both nipples in turn at the base to make sure there are no colorless or bloody discharge.

8. Visit a doctor

If a seal or discharge from the nipple was found during self-examination, it is necessary to consult a specialist. The accuracy of diagnosis by an experienced mammologist is 90-95%. When examining the mammary glands, specialists use an integrated approach: examination, visualization of the condition (mammography and ultrasound), also, if necessary, a biopsy can be performed. If the mammologist finds discharge from the nipple during the examination, they can take a smear and send it to the laboratory for examination.

9. Give birth to a baby and breastfeed

Mammologists are sure that the health of the bust is beneficially influenced by the birth of a child and natural feeding. So, according to the British Cancer Research Foundation, with the birth of a baby, the risk of developing breast cancer decreases by 7%. And every year of natural feeding reduces the possibility of the disease by another 4.3%.

10. Think positively

It is proved that the emotional state of a woman is directly related to her health. Loneliness, lack of harmonious family relationships, stress, fears and depression: all this can contribute to the development of pathological processes in the chest. Therefore, take care of yourself and your mood. Be happy no matter what.  Learn to love the world around you and accept with joy everything that the new day brings. And be healthy!

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