Today gastritis is diagnosed more often than other gastrointestinal diseases. In autumn-spring period, the disease tends to be aggravated. In autumn, even people with a strong stomach can feel aching stomach pains or have queer feeling in the pit of the stomach. And this happens for a reason.

Why does gastritis manifest in autumn?

In autumn our diet begins to change unexpectedly – the vegetable dishes are replaced by rich soups, borscht and cutlets. At the same time, there is a lack of vitamins B and C, which play a serious role in the process of updating the gastric mucosa. During autumn, the endocrine profile changes occur, the stomach acidity changes, and the activity of gastrointestinal tract decreases in parallel. In the autumn period, the helicobacterium infection also increases, which is now considered the root cause of all gastrointestinal diseases. However, it is possible to cure this disease. You just need to strictly follow the doctor's recommendations and diet.

Gastritis – what kind of disease is it?

Chronic gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa, in which there is a violation of its recovery, the secretion (production) of gastric fluid changes and the stomach contractile activity is disrupted.

Symptoms of gastritis

Usually the disease makes itself felt by the following symptoms:
- burning in the pit of the stomach
- feeling of heaviness, discomfort and overfilling in the stomach
- belching, heartburn, nausea or vomiting.
In addition, gastritis tends to aggravate in a crisis situation.

Types of gastritis

Modern medicine distinguishes gastritis "by letters", as well as hepatitis.
Type A gastritis or autoimmune gastritis. This rare form (6% of the total incidence) occurs due to a malfunction in the immune system, which begins to produce antibodies that damage cells of the gastric mucosa responsible for the production of hydrochloric acid. As a result, the acidity of the stomach drops sharply and the digestive capacity decreases.
Type B gastritis, or chronic helicobacter gastritis. It is caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which produces substances that damage the gastric mucosa and enhances the effect of harmful factors. In an attempt to protect themselves, the cells increase the production of hydrochloric acid, and as a result, further increase the inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Helicobacter infection is diagnosed in 80% of people. It can be transmitted through shared towels and dishes, kisses, non-compliance with hygiene rules in public places. Type B gastritis accounts for 70% of all gastritis.
Type C gastritis or chronic reactive gastritis. Occurs due to the effects of chemical agents, in most cases these are medications (antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory). They irritate the gastric mucosa and reduce its secretion. Type C gastritis is the only gastritis that has pronounced symptoms, as well as symptoms that differ from other types: pain that occurs before or an hour after eating, nausea and vomiting with bile.

Salvation from gastritis

Gastritis occurs even in people who are obsessed with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. But this is not a reason to give up. On average, the treatment of chronic gastritis may take 2-3 years. There is simply no way to do without diet and medications. Those are selected taking into account the type of gastritis, age and individual characteristics of the patient. Such patients are recommended to visit doctors at least twice a year.

What is the cause of gastritis?

As the main cause of "children's gastritis", gastroenterologists name improper nutrition, non-compliance with the eating regime, and most importantly, the lack of regular hot meals. Experts explain that only the food that got into the stomach with a comfortable temperature for it (about 37 degrees) can be fully digested and assimilated. Dry snacks or a bun/pies with soda when feeling hungry are contraindicated. In addition, pastry is considered as too heavy food for a child's stomach. Also, carbonated drinks increase the acidity of gastric juice, and also cause flatulence.
For the normal functioning of the stomach, the quality of food is of central importance. Taking spicy, fatty dishes causes increased production of hydrochloric acid, which corrodes the gastric mucosa. With regular use, they can provoke inflammation.

For adolescents and adults, gastritis can occur as a result of stress. So, with nervous disorders and experiences, a spasm of the vessels feeding the gastric mucosa occurs. As a result, blood flow in the walls of the stomach is disrupted, protective mucus is not produced, and the mucosa suffers from the aggressive effects of its own acid.
Smoking, especially on an empty stomach, can also cause inflammation of the gastric mucosa.
As numerous studies have shown, the microorganism Helicobacter is the culprit of the majority of gastritis.
Accustom yourself to regular visits to a gastroenterologist or therapist. A professional examination won't hurt, even if you have not yet felt the symptoms of deterioration of the body. The doctor may prescribe a course of supportive medications that will reduce the risk of exacerbation of the disease. Such measures will allow your stomach to calmly survive the autumn.

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