The services of MedElement platform allow accumulating and analysing a large array of medical data and statistics (Medical Big Data).


MedElement is one of the most-visited and rapid-growing medical services in the CIS. In terms of traffic ranking, the project is ranked # 1 among medical portals in Kazakhstan and is one of the leaders among medical Internet resources in the Russian Federation.

Our statistics - website traffic and figures of the main services of MedElement Platform. Daily updates.

The platform’s services are intended for two main audiences: health professionals and patients (people interested in receiving certain medical services).

Information is exchanged between the platform and users while using various MedElement services.

MedElement’s MIS and the mobile application “MedElement” daily accumulate the bulk of medical information, which ensures the anonymized analytics in details on the diagnosis and treatment of the population and generating the statistical and marketing reports.


Examples of possible samples for marketing reports:

- reasons for seeking the medical advice (Diagnoses) in the context of gender, age of the population;

- used diagnostic methods (Referrals to examination);

- medicines used in treatment (Prescriptions) in the context of diagnosed diseases;

- appealability to the various medical roles.

Partnership and investments

We invite specialists and companies to partner in localization and promotion of services of the platform "MedElement" at new markets. 

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