Now Medelement, a doctor search service, is available in Uzbek!
15 Jan 2019 0 170
Medelement.uz, a doctor search service, was launched in Uzbek this new year. The Uzbek version includes a full-fledged interface with search functions for medical institutions and doctors by location, services, specialization
MedElement medical platform has been existing for 5 years!
01 Aug 2018 0 211
5 years have passed since the launch of the medical platform Medelement.com! The project, which started in 2013 with references for doctors, by 2018 has grown into a full-fledged platform
Now Medelement.kz, a doctor search service, is available in Kazakh!
02 May 2018 0 117
Friends, colleagues, partners! We are glad to announce the launch of the Medelement.kz service in Kazakh for searching of doctors and clinics